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Collecting is part of my DNA!  My grandparents were antique collectors and dealt in furniture.  Both of my parents are collectors and I got the best of both gene sets.  Like most sports collectors, my beginnings lie in baseball cards.  My dad started collecting vintage baseball gloves in 1990 when I was twelve years old, and from then on in I was hooked!

There are many things I enjoy about the hobby.  I truly enjoy going to antique shows, flea markets and auctions and finding new treasures.  To me, the thrill of the hunt is almost as enjoyable as finding something neat.  I've been attending shows since I was in a stroller and I expect I'll be going until I can't move anymore. 

My collecting interest is mainly vintage baseball gloves.  I have an affinity for the OK MFG Co. / Sonnett from Ada, Ohio.  If you have any high end gloves manufactured by this company, I would love to hear from you.  One thing lacking from my collection is advertising by OK MFG Co. - any catalogs, store displays, etc. would be most welcome.  Being from New England, I also enjoy collecting pre 1930 gloves with CT, MA, RI, VT, NH and ME labels.  My favorites are Bean Bros. from Freeport, ME (more commonly known as L.L. Bean), William Read & Sons from Boston, MA, Horace Partrdige from Boston, and McDonald-Wilker from Massachusetts.

My goal as a seller of vintage sports memorabilia is to provide high quality material at an affordable price.  I know that many collectors have a limited budget, just as I do.  I take care to select items for the site that I think others would find as excellent additions to their collection.  After the item is paid for, I take great pride in quick shipping so that you can enjoy your purchase - there is nothing worse than waiting by the mailbox day in and out, wondering where your item is.

Thanks for visiting the site and hopefully you find something you are interested in.  If not, send me your wantlist and I'll be happy to contact you if I come across something in your collecting interest.  Happy collecting!